A and AS Level Successes

Congratulations to all our 6th Form and GCSE students - a fantastic set of results - we are very proud of you all.

Year 13

Year 13 students had much to celebrate as they collected their A Levels results.

• 16% of all A levels taken were graded A* or A; the gold standard A* grade was achieved by students in Maths, English Literature, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology & Business.

• 44% were graded A*- B.

• 75% of all BTEC taken were graded ‘Distinction* or Distinction’ (equivalent to A*/A at A level).

• 24 students gained A*/A in the Extended Project Qualification [requiring in depth research, analysis and presentation of results on a topic of their choice]; the qualification is considered excellent preparation for undergraduate study.

• 98% of Year 13 succeeded in gaining a place at University; many meeting challenging offer targets at prestigious universities. All of those not moving onto higher education have succeeded in gaining employment or an apprenticeship – many having already taken up their positions.

It is always difficult to single out individual achievements, but the following students have succeeded in gaining quite remarkable results:


    A Levels


    Bethany Gomersall

    A*A*A* [Biology, Chemistry & Maths]

    Bethany has a place at University College, London to read Applied Medical Sciences.

    A* [Extended Project]

    Matthew Gilchrist

    A*AA [Maths, Further Maths, Physics]

    Matthew has a place at the University of Bath to read Physics [with a research placement].

    A* [Extended Project]

    Savannah Chittick

    A*AB [Psychology, History, Economics]

    Savannah has a place at the University of Warwick to read Psychology.

    A* [Extended Project]

    Lucy Day

    A*AB [Psychology, Economics, History]

    Lucy has a place at Loughborough University to read Business, Economics & Finance.

    A* [Extended Project]

    David Jackson

    A*AB [Maths, Further Maths, Physics]

    David has a place at the University of Warwick to read Mechanical Engineering.

    A* [Extended Project]

    Oski Singh

    A*ABB [Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry]

    Oski has a place at the University of Exeter to read Biochemistry.


    Jack Castell


    A*AC [Sociology, English Lang/Lit, Psychology]


    Frances Swan

    A*AC [Maths, Further Maths, Physics]

    Frances has a place at Swansea University to read Mechanical Engineering.


    Nicholas Like

    A*BB [Maths Further Maths, IT]

    Nicholas has a place at the University of Southampton to read Mathematics with Engineering.

    B [Extended Project]

    Ali Zafar

    A*BB [Maths Further Maths, Economics]

    Ali will be reading Mathematics at university.

    A* [Extended Project]

    Oliver Stewart

    A*BC[English Literature, Gov & Politics, History]

    Oliver will be reading History at Exeter University.

    A* [Extended Project]

    Leanne Judge

    AAB [English Lang/Lit, Media Studies, History]

    Leanne has a place at Manchester Metropolitan University to read Film Making.


    Patrick King

    AAB [Maths, Further Maths, Economics]

    Patrick has a place at Loughborough University to read Mathematics.


    Abbi Sheehan

    AAB [Economics, Maths, Physics]

    Abbi will be reading Business Economics at Loughborough University.

    A* [Extended Project]

    Nick Travers

    AAB [Economics, German, Maths]

    Nick will be reading Business Economics at Nottingham University.

    A [Extended Project]

    Rikki Viskin

    AAB [Maths, Further Maths, Psychology]

    Rikki has a place at the University of East Anglia to read Mathematics.



    Vocational Awards / A Levels


    Chloe West

    Dist* Dist* A [HSC Diploma, Sociology]

    Chloe has a place at the University of Brighton to read Primary Teaching (with QTS).


    Rosie Mesher

    Dist*Dist*B B[HSC Diploma, Psychology, Sociology]

    Rosie has a place at the University of Nottingham to read Criminology and Social Policy.


    William Stanley

    Dist* Dist* C [Engineering Diploma, Media Studies]


    Dorigan Chandler

    Dist* Dist C [Health & Social Care Diploma, Sociology]

    B [Extended Project]

    Jennifer Brooks

    Dist Dist B [ Business Diploma, Travel & Tourism]

    Jennifer is moving into employment in the insurance industry.


    We wish everyone who is leaving us to pursue the next stage in their education, every possible success at university. To all those entering employment, we wish them health, wealth and happiness as they embark upon what we hope will be a long and fulfilling career.

    Year 12

    Year 12 achieved some equally impressive grades in their AS exams. Again, there were many students who achieved several top grades and we would like to congratulate them all. Amongst some of the highest achievers were:

    Lucy Avery

    AAAC (Government & Politics, History, Sociology amd English Literature)

    Joseph Blackmur

    AAAB (English Literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and IT)

    Joseph Breedon

    AAAA (English Language & literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics)

    Aine Griffiths

    AAA (Biology, Business Studies and Chemistry)

    Alex Maas

    AAAA (Economics, English Literature, Government & Politics and History)

    Ellie Nightingale

    AAAB (Biology, English Literature, History and French)

    Charlie Odell

    AAAA (Economics, IT, Mathematics and Physics)

    Emma Simkins

    AAAD (English Literature, History, Sociology and Biology)

    Heather Wiles

    AAAA (Business Studies, Psychology, Textiles, Travel & Tourism)

    Josh Willetts

    AAAA (English Literature, French, Government & Politics and History)

    We wish all of Year 12 continued success in Year 13.